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phallic peace sentiments

okay so if you don't already know, i am from and currently live in Tulsa,Oklahoma, much to my chagrin.....anyhow...i'm a member of an LJ Tulsa community and someone posted this....

"So the other day, my boyfriend and I were leaving the Salvation Army on Peoria and 40-somethingth and we saw the FUNNIEST thing EVER!! This guy was decked out in a yellow rain suit, riding a bike. Attached to the back of his bike was this rolling cart/basket thing. Inside the basket thing was a GIGANTIC INFLATED PENIS!! This thing was seriously at least five feet tall. It said "muthafuckas" on the side and above it was a sign that said "get a boner, not a bomb" and attached to the sign was this enormous dildo! I swear, this thing was a foot and a half long, and it was just sort of ... flopping ... around as this guy biked. Even if you are for the war, you gotta give this guy credit for originality. :-D"

.....the guy she is reffering to is PAul Tay, he move dhere from Los Angeles and is a bike and pedestrian radical who ran for mayor last year and stopped traffic as he campaigned about the city with a large flag attatched to his bicycle that said "Paul Tay for mayor" and he would wave at motorists and what not. any given day, you could see him from one side of the city to another. personally, i think he;sa genious.....and reading this observation from my fellow tulsan about his anti-warsentiment momentarily made me happy that i still live here.
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