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Rice For Peace's Journal
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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
10:50 pm
Tuesday, November 10th, 2009
6:02 pm

Wars. We all understand very well that it’s just somebody’s business, somebody’s money. Cruel, bloody money.
Millionaires, multi-millionaires – their money are used in arms traffic, politics. All that happens in order to earn MORE money. I address to all oligarchs whose money are concerned with politics (and it means that they are concerned with all the wars):
BUY these five paintings! Give your fucking money for them! Hang them in your room, look at them and think about death. Think about those who died for your money. Think about death which is represented on these pictures and think about life which they are washed with – these pictures are sodden with my milk, with my life. I did it as hope that HUMAN life would become more important for you than money. Buy these paintings, accept this life and remember about it always. Look at them and think about the fact that you will die too and all the world can perish if we don’t invest money in life. Everything can disappear, and what for you accumulated all these millions and billions?
Buy these pictures and show to all the people fighting for their lives that you are worth being called a HUMAN BEING. After your death the world will remember that you didn’t live here for nothing.
Please! All those who read this – add me as a friend! Help me to extend my manifest. It must find it’s addressees.
Monday, October 12th, 2009
1:56 am
Let's Move for Peace
 Hello everyone!
Can I please request you to watch this video
This is an infomercial about peace...
Please do rate and comment it...
Your help would be gladly appreciated
Thanks very much! ^_^
Sunday, August 30th, 2009
4:11 pm
Cluster bombs are indiscriminate weapons that result in civilian casualties years after conflict has ended. Many of these bombs do not detonate after landing, and often attract children who think they're toys. Currently, in Iraq, there have been at least 200 civilian casualties from the use of cluster bombs. Most of the world has signed a ban on these weapons, which are manufactured in the US--which is exactly why our country hasn't agreed to ban them.

The Cluster Project is an online national art project designed to raise awareness about the controversy of cluster bombs. One section of the project, "What the People Know," relies on interested people around the country to take to the streets and conduct casual interviews with pedestrians. For more information, please visit our website!

Please send an email if you're interested in this project. Thank you!
Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
3:21 pm
We have assimilated this abandoned community. Resistance is futile.

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, April 5th, 2003
11:54 pm
phallic peace sentiments
okay so if you don't already know, i am from and currently live in Tulsa,Oklahoma, much to my chagrin.....anyhow...i'm a member of an LJ Tulsa community and someone posted this....

"So the other day, my boyfriend and I were leaving the Salvation Army on Peoria and 40-somethingth and we saw the FUNNIEST thing EVER!! This guy was decked out in a yellow rain suit, riding a bike. Attached to the back of his bike was this rolling cart/basket thing. Inside the basket thing was a GIGANTIC INFLATED PENIS!! This thing was seriously at least five feet tall. It said "muthafuckas" on the side and above it was a sign that said "get a boner, not a bomb" and attached to the sign was this enormous dildo! I swear, this thing was a foot and a half long, and it was just sort of ... flopping ... around as this guy biked. Even if you are for the war, you gotta give this guy credit for originality. :-D"

.....the guy she is reffering to is PAul Tay, he move dhere from Los Angeles and is a bike and pedestrian radical who ran for mayor last year and stopped traffic as he campaigned about the city with a large flag attatched to his bicycle that said "Paul Tay for mayor" and he would wave at motorists and what not. any given day, you could see him from one side of the city to another. personally, i think he;sa genious.....and reading this observation from my fellow tulsan about his anti-warsentiment momentarily made me happy that i still live here.
Thursday, March 27th, 2003
12:19 pm
Saturday, March 22nd, 2003
12:26 am

It opens today at MIDNIGHT, so it's NOW. :)
There is a french and an english section
Go see, send the adress to your friends, I count on you to help it grow!

Thank you!

Friday, March 21st, 2003
10:21 am
Thursday, March 20th, 2003
6:32 pm
I think I'd like to send rice to Bush. He needs to be annoyed.
12:28 pm
It's great to see this community. My name's Deanna, 21 year old college student in N.J., and opposed to the war. I feel so alone in my ideas of peace. Yesterday I was fighting with my Mom about this and she says "it's great to have such an aggressive president." :( :( How do you all deal with all the pro-war people?
May we provide support to each other in these times. Please feel free to add me as a friend in your journal or instant message me. (screen name is in my profile.)
Wednesday, March 19th, 2003
4:38 pm
Let's send them rice!
Someday, I'll post something non-political. Today is not that day.

ANWAR remains a refuge - thanks to 8 Republicans who don't believe conservation is something only mushy-headed liberals believe inCollapse )

I am so pleased.

Current Mood: peaceful
1:55 pm
10:49 am
Pay Attention. Pay Attention. Pay Attention
You remember Hanoi Jane, don't you? Don't want to be one? Read up and learn somethingCollapse )

Live lambs instead of dead lions, folks. Wars don't decide who's right - they decide who's left - survive and win.

Current Mood: angry
Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
3:37 pm
New member - *waves*

I still wonder if we shouldn't be sending pretzels instead. *evil grin*

Current Mood: amused
Friday, February 28th, 2003
12:30 pm
I saw your post on antiwar, and thought I'd check out your community.

My family has been involved in the peace movement, and in the rice project. I just wanted to provide you with a link to an interesting article that was posted on the website of the group that we're part of locally.

Go ahead and read the whole thing - it give you ideas on other places to send rice, like your local senator or representative's office.

DuPage Peace Through Justice Website link

Unfortunately, I'm not sure of the author... I will try to find out who the letter is from.
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