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Rice For Peace
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You've stumbled apon the rice for peace livejournal community!

What is rice for peace?

In the 1950's, tens of thousands of people sent small bags of grain to President Eisenhower to encourage him to send food to then-enemy China during a famine. The existence of the campaign helped dissuade Eisenhower from attacking China during two international confrontations. Now a nationwide effort has been launched to send a similar message to President Bush about Iraq: If we are going to send something to Iraq it should be food, not bombs.

How can I get involved?

Well, you can always send rice to the president. Or, you can help spread the word.

The white house address, and flyers are on The Official website

Ok, so everything is on the website, why did you make this community?

Well, the community was created so you can spread the word about rice for peace. Connect with others who have the same intrests that you do. You can inform other of how many bag you sent, or fliers you've made. Tell people how your protests went. Inform others about the latest news about the war with Iraq.

Sounds good to me! How do I join?

Why, just click here!

But I don't have a livejournal code!!

Why not try codesharing?